Campaign for free movement in Africa

français: Campagne pour la libre circulation en Afrique

The next summit of Heads of State of the African Union (AU) will have on its agenda the adoption of a protocol on the free movement of people on the continent. To finalize the protocol with a view to its adoption, the African Union initiated consultative meetings extended to all AU member countries. Some African states are still reluctant and would not want to see the protocol adopted in January. While, the African populations, sixty years after independence, dream more than ever of a united Africa where people can move freely. The data below reflect the gap between the aspirations of the populations and the policies of the states:

  • 55% of African countries oblige other African nationalities to obtain their visa before taking their flight;
  • 25% of African countries authorize the issuance of visas upon arrival to travelers of other African nationalities;
  • 97% of African migrations occur on the continent and only 3% of Africans attempt international migration to America, Asia, Europe or Oceania.

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